EQUIP FOR EQUALITY: "A Place to Call Home" (2011, 10:39")

A short video for educational purposes on the landmark Ligas v. Hamos class-action lawsuit, settled June 2011. Ligas v. Hamos ensures community service options for over 9,000 people with developmental disabilities in Illinois. For more information and documents on Ligas v. Hamos, visit Equip for Equality's webpage. To contact Equip for Equality, call 312.341.0022.

Produced by Roustabout Media: Peter Grosz (peter[at]roustaboutmedia[dot]com) & Virginia Keller

Featured Interviews:

Named plaintiffs and their families: David Cicarelli, Stanley Ligas, Patricia McElroy, Nancy and Rick Wilson

Equip for Equality staff: Barry Lowy, Laura Miller, Zena Naiditch, Barry Taylor, John Whitcomb

SNR Denton attorney: John Grossbart


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